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'Samson' Chapter 2 'The Cabin'

Samson written by Dean Horton
CHAPTER 2 ‘The Cabin’


The Rocky Mountains, 18th May 2007, 20:00 local time: 

Stanley Baker negotiated the truck around a series of sharp corners on the dirt track; the journey over the last several kilometres had been slow and tedious.  The scenery was spectacular though, at one point when the track had opened up onto the valley below, it was like an image from a picture card, or something straight out of the perfect wilderness picture manual, “breath-taking” would be the best word to describe the view that lay to their left.  The view did not last long within seconds the vehicle had re-entered the woodland, as they all bounced along with the terrain, luckily the suspension on the truck handled each rut and dip with ease.  Everyone was quiet in the truck as they all took in their surroundings; Candice looked down at the screen on her cell phone, the signal was virtually dead.  She shook her head as she pondered what she would do without any contact with the outside world maybe the signal will come back when we reach the cabin she so desperately wished.  She also knew that she was going to miss her friends. 
Samson on the other hand was excited he would have two weeks of adventure; exploring, camping, fishing and wildlife; he was sure this was going to be the holiday of his life!  It would be a holiday that his friends would get fed up of him talking about; talking them through the tales of the things he had got up to oh boy I’m ready for adventure he thought to himself.
Dianne glanced out of the side window as the vehicle nosed it’s way in and out of several potholes; she caught a glimpse of a grey squirrel as it leapt into the undergrowth; it made her smile to herself.  It had been a hectic year so far and this holiday was going to be the perfect rest that they all needed yes the perfect holiday, the perfect rest.  For the first time in a long while they could put all their problems behind them and get on with their long deserved holiday, she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply through her nose holiday at last she smiled to herself.
They approached a break in the trees; Stanley turned the wheel hard to the left as the vehicle entered into the small lane shaded by common juniper trees of varying heights on either side. The trees on each bank reaching over the lane to touch their compatriots on the other side giving the impression of entering a tunnel; even more so in the gloom as the evening sun began to set over the distant mountains.  ‘I think it’s at the end of this lane’ Stanley announced to his passengers he smiled as they all shuffled in their seats excited at the prospect of the luxury cabin and the perfect holiday they all had planned!

The truck pulled to a halt on the gravel car-park next to the cabin; the wheels sinking slightly into the gravel under the weight from its laden load.  The setting was idyllic; pine trees covered the bank of the valley to their left as the suns shadow descended the slopes leaving darkness behind.  In front was also forest but here it was not so dense; it just continued endlessly into the distance, the land lay flatter than the slopes to their left.
The cabin stood out in the clearing its mahogany stained timberwork blending in perfectly with its surroundings next to the gravel parking space was a decked area with table and chairs and a barbecue, just beyond this were four wooden Oxford style sun-loungers.  None of the furniture had cushions they were all stored in a small storage chest attached to the side of the timber framed cabin.  The cabin was in darkness as the shadow crept along the clearing toward the waiting family.

The family had unloaded the truck quickly; they piled everything in the hallway while Dianne found the light switch, she flicked the switch and the cabin came to life as the darkness outside receded along the walls.  Stanley closed the door of the cabin behind them and smiled gleefully as he took in their home for the next fourteen days; he nodded to himself with a satisfied smile perfect ‘come on then lets check out the cabin and see where all the bedrooms are’ he suggested the excitement clear in his voice.  No problems for 14 days; work is finished and “the mall” business can be put to bed till we get back home! ‘Yep, no problems’ he whispered to himself.
‘You can sort the rooms out I’ll put the shopping away in the kitchen, some of this food needs to get in the freezer ASAP’ Dianne replied as she picked up two bags and headed through the comfortable lounge into the open plan kitchen/diner.  There was an oak table and six chairs directly in front of two large French style window doors which opened onto the neatly decked patio area, the rest of the kitchen consisted of several units all finished with oak doors and brass handles. There was a large gas hob with several rings and an ample double electric oven, a large fridge freezer with an ice dispenser and instant cold water supply in the middle of the freezer door.  The stainless steel sink was over looked by a small window around four by three feet the fitted kitchen was finished off with a black granite worktop and a neat mosaic tile décor in bright orange, yellow and lime green colours.
Outside the cabin stood two large tanks, one water and one gas, six metres from the car parking area was the waste tank, all the tanks were dark green in colour but clearly labelled.  Stanley looked out the window at the tanks which were now blending in with the night glad I haven’t got the job of driving up here to fill them up he thought to himself.

At 2200 hours the family sat around the dining table and tucked into sandwiches and potato crisps; Stanley and Dianne shared a bottle of red wine while Candice and Samson drank cans of diet cola.  Stanley looked over to the two black leather sofas which lay positioned in front of the open hearth log fire; they looked inviting as did the fire; the previous holiday makers had piled the logs up ready for the next guests.  ‘Perhaps tomorrow evening we can light the fire, what do you think?’ he asked the family.
‘We could light it tonight Dad’ Samson suggested eagerly, his face beaming with delight and excitement at the thought of creating a fire.
Dianne shook her head firmly ‘by the time the fire gets some warmth in it we’ll have gone to bed, it’s been a long day and we’ve travelled one hell of a way’ she smiled.  ‘I know you’re excited Samson but we all need rest and that includes you my little soldier’ she rubbed her hand through his short cropped brown hair.
Samson’s face contorted into sadness ‘but Mom I’m no-where near tired; we’re in the wilderness it’s going to be a great adventure’ spoilsport!
Dianne smiled ‘I know you’re not tired my love but there’ll be plenty of adventure over the next two weeks I promise.  But right now we all need some rest it’s been one hell of a trip, you two can have a hot chocolate before bed, how does that sound?’
Candice let out a heavy yawn ‘you may not be tired Samson but I most certainly are, can I take my hot chocolate to bed please Mom?’
‘Of course you can love’ her mother replied as she walked over to the stove, picking a saucepan she half filled it with water from the tap and placing it back on the stove she lit one of the cooking rings.  She walked over to the fridge then opening it she pulled out the milk and then filled the rest of the saucepan ‘hot chocolate coming up kids’ she grinned happily ‘and if you were not tired before you will be when you’ve drunk this!’

After the two children had gone to bed Stanley and Dianne sat huddled together on one of the black leather sofas in front of the fire hearth; Dianne pulled the fleece blanket up around her shoulders.  The hot summer’s day had long gone, replaced by a very cool night time chill which had now enveloped the entire cabin.  It was quiet in the lounge; the children had gone to bed forty five minutes earlier, Stanley reached over to the glass coffee table which stood on top of the large bear skin rug; his fingers could just about reach the stem of the glass, pinching the stem he slid it a little closer until it was within picking distance.  Once it was within distance he picked up his glass of wine which was now only two fingers full, he downed the wine and licked his lips ‘shall we retire to bed now Mrs Baker?’ he asked, his pupils had gone small his expression suggestive.
Dianne shivered ‘yes it’s going cold now; I do hope it doesn’t get too cold in the night, I wished we’d have done like Samson suggested and lit the fire it would have warmed the cabin.’
‘Well Mrs Baker you were the one who didn’t want to light the fire, besides if you get too cold I’m sure I can find a way to warm you up’ he smiled to himself as he rose from the couch, rubbing his hands together ‘now for bed’ yes I’ll warm you up alright.

Once inside the bedroom Stanley gazed out into the dark woods that encroached upon the cabin, the trees all straight like soldiers guarding a castle; moonlight shone through the branches lighting up the car park from the pitch black that lay beyond.  Some of the branches moved in the slight breeze that blew through the woods, almost giving the impression that the trees were walking toward the cabin!  The coldness of the night crept up on the cabin making Stanley shiver, turning sharply he dived into the bed and cuddled up to his naked but now warm wife.  His hand moved around her waistline, then he traced his fingers downwards along her thigh, he kissed the back of her neck.  Stanley felt Dianne’s buttocks move into him, inviting him to delve further, to investigate further yes my love I’ll gladly oblige.
With his erection getting harder he pushed it gently between Dianne’s thighs, her hand reached down as she grabbed one cheek and inviting him she pulled it apart.  Without a second of hesitation his hand moved down grabbing himself at the bottom of his shaft as he guided himself toward his goal; he felt moistness at his tip and then eased himself inside her.  With gentle steady rhythms’ Stanley moved in and out, Dianne moved her hand to touch the top of his thigh ‘Come on baby, keep it up’ she whispered.
Stanley began to increase his speed to the sound of her encouragement, the bed began to creak ‘oh for God’s sake who picked this room?’ he began to slow.
‘Don’t stop’ she grabbed the top of his leg tighter ‘keep going.’
Stanley increased his speed once more, as he felt Dianne moving in tandem with him ‘oh baby I’m gonna cum’ his voice had desperation in it.
‘Keep going………..ooooo’ she began to moan softly.
‘I’m cuming…….Jesus baby I’m cuming’ his last push was long and hard.
They lay spooned together as they recovered their breathing and their heart rates returned to normal ‘we’d better clean up’ Dianne whispered.
‘Let’s just sleep, we can change the sheets in the morning’ he suggested and within seven minutes he could hear Dianne’s gentle breathing and he knew she was fast asleep.  From where he lay he could see the trees in the forest like sentinels, he lay there motionless with his arm clutched around Dianne’s waist as he stared out into the black until eventually his eyes drifted into sleep. 

Stanley awoke to the sound of birds as they whistled their morning song; the sun shone brightly into the bedroom; he lay motionless as he listened to every sound.  He was certain that he could make out the rare sound of a mistle-thrush as it warbled its morning call.  His legs swung quietly and easily out of the covers as he reached his jeans from the arm of the chair; quickly slipping them on, he slid his feet into his loosely tied trainers and made his way quietly to the bedroom door.  The door creaked slightly as he opened it causing him to glance over his shoulder to make sure his wife was still sleeping, then cringing as it creaked again, he closed it shut behind him.
Outside Samson was sat on the rocker on the porch veranda; he heard the sound of the front door opening and turned his head to see his Father stepping into the morning sun. ‘Hi Dad’ he said loudly ‘It’s beautiful isn’t it?’
Stanley made his way over to the rocker and sat down next to his son ‘it most certainly is’ he answered as he ruffled up Samson’s hair ‘did you sleep well my son?’
‘Like a baby Dad’ Samson chuckled to himself, he had heard his Mother and Father the previous night that is I slept when you and Mom finished with the creaking.
‘How long have you been up?’
Samson shrugged ‘an hour, maybe two, I didn’t look at the time’ he shielded his eyes from the sun ‘what time is it?’
‘8.30, your Mother and Sister are both still fast asleep, so we’ll better talk quietly’ he now began to whisper ‘ok Son!’
Samson smiled ‘ok Dad’ he whispered back ‘they’re asleep because of all this fresh air, anyway what have we got planned today Dad?’
‘Well I thought we could do a bit of exploring, see what we can find in the forest, we’ll see what’s round about and get our bearings for the coming two weeks how’s that sound?’
‘It sounds fantastic’ Samson’s face beamed with delight the adventure will soon begin!

In the forestland away to their left, in the middle of the pine trees the tapping of a woodpecker echoed through the expanse, the tree sounding almost hollow as the sound travelled on the air toward them.  Stanley put his arm around Samson ‘SSShhhh, listen; doesn’t it sound magnificent?’
Samson nodded emphatically ‘it sure does, why does it do that?  You know……… make that tapping sound?’
‘Well there are two reasons mainly; the first is that it loosens the bark enough to get its long tongue inside where it finds insects and other larvae.  The second is to tell everyone that this is my forest, come on ladies come and see me; here I am’ Stanley chuckled as they both sat soaking up the morning sunshine.

By 10.0am the family were sat around the wooden table on the neatly paved patio area in the garden, mowed lawns surrounded the cabin on the border of each lawn began the forest.  The family sat eating warm toasted bagels with bacon, they also had cereal and fresh orange juice; the feast piled in the centre of the table so they could all help themselves.  Dianne was busying spreading butter on the warm bagels and passing them round in turn as they served their own bacon in between the warmly toasted slices.  It was quiet as they ate; Stanley had put the large umbrella up to shield them from the morning sun until breakfast was over. 
Stanley swallowed the last bit of his breakfast and smacked his lips ‘well my love that was delicious’ he smacked them again ‘I thought we could do a bit of exploring later, what do you all think’ he winked at Samson.
‘I know… two have been planning this’ Dianne smiled at them both in turn ‘you little schemers’ she screwed her eyes to Samson.
Stanley put on a confused expression ‘what are you talking about?’
Candice pointed at each in turn, first her Father and then Samson ‘they have Mom I can tell by their faces’ she scrutinized them both ‘they’re smiling!’
Stanley shrugged ‘wha………….’
Dianne interjected ‘don’t “what” us we know what you two are like you’ve got it all planned right down to what direction we’re going in’ she pouted; raising her eyebrows.
Stanley shrugged his shoulders upwards and looked over to Samson ‘we wouldn’t plan anything without consulting you two, would we son?’
‘Definitely not Dad, not us’ Samson’s smile spread from ear to ear.
‘Pull the other one it’s got bells on’ Dianne looked to Candice ‘but don’t worry we’re coming anyway; we wouldn’t want you to leave us here sunbathing while you had all the fun!’
‘Well that’s ok then’ Stanley joked ‘why don’t you come and join in on the fun’ he stretched his arms behind his neck as he began to rise from his chair.
By 11.0am the whole family were wandering through the forest, all of them in their walking boots and trousers, they all wore t-shirts.  Stanley and Samson both carried backpacks, with Stanley also having a rifle slung over his right shoulder, a Sako 85 Grey Wolf.  The rifle had a laminated stock with the rest made out of stainless steel; with its silk-smooth bolt-travel movement and adjustable trigger and its total control magazine-latch technology the Sako 85 Grey Wolf was the perfect weapon in their current terrain.  Carrying a rifle was a necessity in the wilderness, there were grizzly bears in the mountains; although it was very rare for them to venture this far down the valley’s it had still been known.  Brown bears were a lot more common and a little different, they did not care how close they came to humans; anything for a chance to eat and Stanley knew bears had one of the best noses for food in the business and there’s food in them backpacks.  He shuffled his shoulder blades so the backpack fit in more comfortable; his right thumb hooked around the strap attached to the stock, he pushed his thumb downwards so the strap held firmly into his shoulder.

They had walked for around four to five miles when they came upon a lake; it was beautiful; the scenery was like something they had only ever dreamed about, it was perfect.  For several minutes they stood motionless staring at the expanse of water that lay stretched out before them, and then almost as if they had telecommunicated each other’s thoughts they sat down as one.  The family sat on the bank leading down to the water’s edge, for what seemed an eternity not a word was spoken between them.  The lake spread out in front of them like a shimmering carpet around one mile long and three quarters of a mile wide, the water flat, with not even a ripple.  Beyond it the forest continued flat, to the left the pine trees covered the massive incline of the hill; come, mountain.  The sun glared down on the water giving it an almost silky effect as it shimmered across its plain; the effect almost blinding their eyes; flies could be seen skimming across the flat still surface.  Every now and again a plop could be heard; Samson watched closely trying to see if he could see the fishes catching the flies; the sun making him squint harder and harder, as another plop came followed by several small ripples.  The family felt as though they were in paradise.
Finally Dianne sighed ‘isn’t it absolutely beautiful?’ she closed her eyes and leant her head back letting the sun warm her cheeks.
Stanley nodded in agreement ‘yes, it most certainly is; you could be anywhere in the world and you wouldn’t find anything like this’ he placed the rifle on the floor next to him and slipped his arms from the backpack, putting the pack behind his back he leant back using the pack as a backrest.
‘You know Dad it was worth the journey just to see this’ Candice lay back into the floor as she closed her eyes taking in the mental picture of the lake ‘I think I’m going to draw this later’ she announced to no-one in particular as she memorised every blade of grass and every contour of the scene around her.
‘Can I go and swim in it?’ Samson asked loudly, the excitement and hope clear in his voice.
‘But we’ve not brought a towel with us’ Dianne informed him ‘you’ve no way of drying and you’d be in wet clothes for the walk back to the cabin.’
Stanley chuckled ‘the sun will dry him; go on son get stripped off; but leave your briefs on’ he smiled ‘don’t want them woodpeckers coming after ya’ the last bit was of his sentence in a Hillbilly voice, they all laughed. 

By mid-afternoon the whole family were again sat at the table and chairs that lay on the patio just a metre away from the patch of neatly cut lawn next to the cabin.  In the middle of the table was a large serving bowl fully loaded with freshly chopped salad; one by one the family took it in turns to fill their plates with the fresh salad complimenting the thickly cut slices of ham. There was a plate of crusty bread rolls neatly cut into slices as they helped them-selves to the food.  Stanley reached for the large pouring jug filled with iced orange juice and began to fill the four empty cups ‘isn’t this the most wonderful meal in the world’ he smiled as he looked around him ‘this vacation is going to be one to remember.’
‘We couldn’t have wished for a better setting; its even better than the brochure described’ Dianne replied as she sipped the cold drink ‘I could get used to it here’ she sighed, letting the cool liquid trickle down her throat.
‘Me too mom’ Samson agreed ‘I would go walking everyday and I’d swim in that lake every chance I got’ hell I’d even go midnight camping on my own!

The sun shone brightly above the family, casting shadows all around from the tree line.  It was picturesque; Samson’s attention was taken by a painted lady butterfly with its yellow black stripes and orange bar lines.  The butterfly had small eye spots on its wings; they became prominent as it rested on some red mountain heather with its purple/pink flowers.  Samson stared at the butterfly as it took to its gentle flight landing again close-by on a clump of yellow st Johns wort; he shot up from his chair and chased it into the clearing following the butterfly as it took to flight once again.  Samson chased after it stopping every time the insect landed, Samson tried to get closer and closer until eventually the butterfly disappeared in the tree-line ‘are we going back into the forest later Dad’ he shouted enthusiastically please say yes Dad.
Stanley rubbed his flat palm along the point of his chin ‘I noticed there was a ravine further on past the lake, I could just about make it out in the distance when we were at the lake earlier, how about we go and check it out?  We could just about make it there and back before tea-time’ Stanley suggested as he looked at them all in turn.
Dianne wiped her brow ‘you can do what you like but I’m going to make the most of the sun and catch a tan; I’ve done enough walking and exploring for one day.’
‘I’m with Mom on that idea’ Candice announced as she flipped open the screen on her mobile phone damn things got no reception anywhere she closed the screen and dropped the phone back into the pocket on her shorts.
‘Well son; looks like it’s just you and me, we’d better take your backpack and put some water inside, we don’t want to suffer from dehydration’ Stanley instructed his son as he ruffed up his hair ‘come on….. Chop, chop, let’s do some exploring!’
Stanley and Samson left Dianne and Candice lying on two of the sunloungers as the two explorers headed back into the thick undergrowth. Within seconds of entering the undergrowth the pair had disappeared from sight; leaving behind the tranquil surroundings of the log cabin and the two contented sun-worshippers.  Every now and again the sound of a branch or twig snapping under foot drifted to the cabin yard, until eventually the scene fell silent.

They had walked for about two miles further on from the lake when the lay of the land began to change; suddenly becoming rockier but still thick with greenery; they then walked for a further one mile until they saw the change up ahead.  One hundred metres ahead the land began to drop away as the trees and shrubs stopped.  Stanley raised his hand ‘that must be the top of the ravine up ahead’ Stanley’s hand pointed to the area of land that dropped away ‘you can see where the tree line just stops.’
Eventually father and son stood at the summit of the ravine looking down at the drop of around forty to fifty metres?  The sides were straight with the odd weathered hole here and there; they could see several bird nests in the sugar maples that grew below.  The maples were around thirteen metres tall as they reached up into the sky; they were scattered at irregular intervals with various mountain heathers adorning the forest floor; in between the maples there was the odd Atlantic white cedar towering over all below at the staggering height of twenty to twenty three metres.  Samson slipped out of the backpack and zipping it open he fished out the aluminium water bottle; he screwed open the top and took several gulps passing the water bottle to his father as he wiped the sweat from his brow.  
‘Thanks Samson, that’s some drop, you could do yourself a lot of damage if you slipped over there’ Stanley shuffled closer to the edge to peer down ‘have a look you can see vines and mountain grass growing from the sides over there and there’ he pointed to where they grew.
‘It’s ok Dad I’ll stay here!’ Samson swallowed nervously as he took two steps back away from the edge onto even safer ground.
Stanley smiled to himself as he watched Samson backing away from the corner of his eye.  From a small child Samson had always feared heights a fear he inherited from his mother; as hard as Stanley had tried he could never get his son to overcome his fears.  In one instance Stanley had once got so irritated by Samson’s fear of heights and spiders and snakes that he had had a full blown argument with his wife Dianne!  He snorted a sigh that was a long time ago I’ve mellowed a little since then he thought to himself as he looked down the forty metre drop to the floor below.
Samson could feel his legs becoming weak ‘Dad can you step back from the edge now please; you’re making me nervous’ Samson pleaded; his voice carried a nervous tone.
Stanley chuckled ‘its quite safe Samson, come on’ he held out his hand in encouragement; palm outstretched for his son to take ‘come on…..I’ll hold you, come on 1…..2…..3 now’ with his palm outstretched he moved his fingers back and forth, gesturing his son to join him near the edge.
‘I’ll stay here if you don’t mind!  Do you think it’s possible to climb down there to the floor?’ he asked his Father pointing toward the edge while backing away a little further.
Stanley turned to face Samson smiling at his backing away ‘yes most definitely it’s not as vertical as you think, but there is probably an easier way down further along the ridge, if you keep walking in either direction you’d probably find the descent easier.  Stanley pointed off in both directions in turn; his hand pointing along the long rocky ridge.  He screwed the top back onto the water bottle and passed it back to Samson; wiping his hand firmly across his forehead with the back of his hand then his mouth with his palm ‘we’ll head back now Samson; perhaps tomorrow we can try to find a way down to the floor?  We can carry on along the ridge to see where it leads’ he slung the rifle back over his shoulder “come on son lets head back for dinner.” 

At 1900 hours the sun began to fall behind the mountain as the family sat around the outside table which was now cluttered with empty plates from the barbecue which Stanley and Samson had both cooked.  Although it was still bright the temperature outside had now began to drop slightly; the heat had now disappeared from the sun, it was no longer bright yellow as it had been earlier in the day when it was at its hottest; its round glow had now changed to a burnt orange colour.  The night was closing in, the sun losing its battle to keep the world alight.  Samson stared at the orange ball as it rested on the tip of the mountain ‘can we have the fire lit tonight Dad?’ he asked; as he shivered slightly.
‘Yes I don’t see why not, we could have two fires one in the cabin and also throw a couple of logs on the barbecue and sit out here for a few more hours while the cabin warms up.  If last night is anything to go by it does get chilly in the night, what do you think love?’ he asked turning to Dianne.
Dianne nodded her head in agreement ‘good idea it will warm the cabin up ready for when we go inside later’ she looked to the top of the mountain and watched as the sun began to disappear ‘I’ve really enjoyed today, it’s been really relaxing, something I think I’ve needed for a long time’ she sighed.
Stanley nodded ‘yes with all the trouble we’ve had with the shop it’s nice to just put it all behind us for a while!’

The Rocky Mountains 19th May 2007 19:30 local time:

A beaten up red mustang nosed its way along a dirt track; overgrown branches scraped along its sides as the front wheels dipped into some previously dried out tyre ruts.  It was quite clear by the terrain that the narrow drive come path had not been used in a long time.  The driver cautiously kept the car moving as the banks began to close in on the old dusty vehicle.  Eventually the car came to a halt, the driver, the large built afro-Caribbean man turned to face the man in the passenger seat ‘that’s as far as I can get us’ his voice had a deep booming southern accent; his words coming out slow as though each word were extended.
The man in the passenger seat wore a Stetson ‘pull the car onto the side of the bank over there’ he pointed to an area where the side of the bank flattened out ‘we’ll cover the car with some branches’ his English accent filled the car. ‘What do you think boss?’ he asked as both the men in the front of the old Mustang turned to face the passenger on the back seat.
The man did not look at either of the two occupying the front seats he just stared straight ahead his eyes penetrating through the windscreen, his expression deep in thought; in a slow purposeful motion he began to nod his head in agreement; his thoughts elsewhere.  After several seconds “The Mexican” scanned the area where they had chosen to park the car, he was happy with their surroundings; his men had chosen well.

The large built coloured man steered the car onto the side of the bank where the Englishman had instructed; he killed the engine; the three men sat in silence.  After several minutes the Englishman opened his door and swung his legs out onto the dusty dirt track; his black army boots sent a cloud of dust into the air, he straightened himself up; stretching himself out.  Once he stood outside of the vehicle he pushed the passenger door shut; he stretched out his arms behind, arching his shoulders at the same time; stretching once more.  Several of his muscles could be heard snapping as he tensed ‘Johnson you want to sort out covering the car while I get the gear from out the back?’ the Englishman asked as he tightened the belt around his waist; making sure his combats were secure.
The coloured man was stepping from the driver’s door which slammed shut behind him from the slight incline of the bank ‘no problem Cowboy……and by the way it’s a trunk’ in his loud but slow southern boom of a voice.
‘No that’d be your nose’ Johnson disappeared into the undergrowth while Cowboy made his way to the back of the old Mustang; he levered open the trunk.  The sound of branches snapping could be heard from inside the woodland.  Cowboy peered into the trunk; there were two military rucksacks; one by one he withdrew the large packs and leant them up against the side of the car.  He reached inside the trunk and pulled out an olive green US Marine issue combat vest; he slipped his arms through the arm holes and began to fasten the straps.  Next he pulled out a heavy military belt which he fastened precisely, a pistol hung down at his side, two securing straps hung from the barrel end of the holster; the Englishman who they called Cowboy fastened the straps into place around his thigh.  He withdrew the pistol a Glock G19 9mm the barrel a smooth matt black in the now dimming sunlight; he ejected the magazine and looked it over.  With a precise movement he slotted the magazine neatly back into the handle; a quiet click escaped from the pistol as the magazine clicked smoothly into place.  With the Glock held tightly in his left hand he moved his right hand up to the barrel and pumping the barrel backwards along the shaft he chambered a round.  Flicking on the safety catch, he slipped the weapon back into its holster on the belt which now hung around his waist.
Johnson appeared from the undergrowth dragging several branches ‘hey Cowboy what time you heading out?’ his slow southern twang asked, his voice loud in the quiet dusk.  The wildlife in the forest was silent!  They had intruders in their territory; everything that was alive was either hiding or had now left the area!
Cowboy reached into the trunk and pulled out a Heckler and Koch G19 Assault Rifle, he began to follow the same procedure of ejecting the magazine ‘I’m going in about 10 minutes’ his eyes never left the weapon as he went through his safety checks with military precision.
Johnson left the pile of branches on the bank and walked around to the trunk; he reached inside and withdrew a folded piece of camouflage netting ‘there’s a spot of ground two hundred metres in there to the right!’  His massive hand pointed into the wood ‘I’ll set up camp there; it’s a good spot, well camoe’d’ he boomed loudly, informing every animal in the vicinity that he was there.

The car door opened and The Mexican stepped slowly out; his eyes squinted through his scar as he looked up into the setting sun, a smile broke across his face, the darkness was his domain!
‘Boss, I’ll head out shortly, Johnsons going to set up camp in the wood once he’s covered the car’ Cowboy stared at The Mexicans back.
The Mexican turned to face them both; his black eyes stared seriously through the two men as though they were not even there.  The scar that ran sideways along his neck looked raw as the light illuminated him from behind; he nodded in agreement before reaching into the back seat; he pulled out a “NY Yankees” baseball cap and placed it onto his head.  ‘Just observe them! Ok cowboy?’ his voice had hardly any accent just a slight Mexican tinge to it; he turned and walked away into the undergrowth.
‘Ok boss’ Cowboy answered as he watched The Mexican disappear into the thick vegetation.
‘We’d better check the comms’ Johnsons loud voice sounded out of place in the tranquil surroundings.
Cowboy reached into the trunk and pulled out a head and mouth piece of radio gear; he flicked his Stetson from his head making it dangle around his shoulder blades.  Using both hands he placed the radio gear around his head so as the speaker rested on his left ear and the microphone rested on his cheek, positioned just under his thick set lips. He placed a strap around his throat in the middle was attached a small button ‘ready to go’ he informed his partner.
Johnson grabbed the radio pack from the trunk and headed off into the undergrowth, once he’d travelled two hundred metres he came to a small clump of trees and bushes; he stepped around the base of one of the trees.  It looked like a wall of green but as he stepped to the side and around the large tree trunk he entered a small well covered cleared area of around three metres square.  Once he was inside the cleared area he dropped to his knees and placed the radio pack on the dusty floor; on the side of the pack was a small long pocket, Johnson opened the pocket and pulled out a small steel tube package.  Within seconds he snapped the tube into a small one metre tripod frame he reached into the pack and attached a mini satellite receiver dish to the top of the tripod stand.  An electrical lead was attached to the receiver dish with the other end attached to the radio pack; Johnson switched on the radio.  It cackled loudly until he placed a small jack into the earphone socket; he grabbed the earphones with his left hand and raised them to his left ear.  Using his right hand he grabbed the small palm microphone and keyed in the talk switch ‘comms up and running Delta one’ his voice dragged out in his southern tongue; then he waited for a reply.
A voice came into his earphones ‘Delta one receiving’ Cowboy answered in his best English accent.
‘I’m heading back to get the equipment, Delta two out’ his loud southern voice now quieter, almost a whisper; he was getting his “game mindset on!”
When Johnson arrived back at the Mustang he found Cowboy checking his equipment again ‘you gonna give me a hand with these packs’ Johnson nodded down to the two large packs resting against the car.
‘Sorry Delta two I’ve got a long way to go tonight; looks like you’re moving in on your own for the time being’ he smiled and winked his eye while  making a clicking sound with his mouth ‘or as they say in your country ‘screw you’ holding up his middle finger.
‘Yeah while your gone I’ll move in on your momma’ his southern voice chuckled loudly ‘you know she likes it off a black man!’
Cowboy shook his head ‘well Johnson I hope you practice voodoo?’
‘Why voodoo’ he enquired.
‘Cause that’s the only way you gonna have my momma! She’s dead ya big Negro’ Cowboy mimicking a southern accent as he raised his right hand onto the tip of his large Stetson, he pinched the end and gently tipped his head ‘see ya later pardner’ he laughed.
‘Voodoo my ass’ the southern twang now heavy.
‘Well your ass is big enough boy’ all trace of an English accent now gone as Cowboy slung a small pack onto his back and headed off in a south east direction looking into his palm at his compass.
Johnson watched him leave ‘every hour cowboy!’ he shouted after him.
Cowboy raised his arm and saluted ‘yes sir’ with that he was gone, disappearing  into the army of trees.
Johnson watched him enter the forest and shook his head ‘god damn voodoo my ass’ he whispered as he turned back to the car; he had work to do.  The boss liked his boys to be professional; until they got the job done only then did they get their fun now I can’t wait for that!
Thanks for reading Chapter 2, I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to next weeks edition any feedback would be most welcome whether it be negative or positive?
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