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'Samson' Chapter 3 'The Stakeout'

Samson written by Dean Horton
CHAPTER 3 ‘The Stakeout’


It was 21.45 by the time Cowboy reached the part of forest on the doorstep of the cabin vacated by the Baker family.  He had watched the cabin for several minutes it was lit up in the dark; slowly he skirted around the edge of the forest; he stopped several times and withdrew his pen and paper.  Making notes of everything he was seeing, sketching a plan of the grounds; he left no detail uncovered; eventually he had skirted the perimeter and now he sat leaning against a tree watching.  He knew that the occupants would never see him he had done this thing too many times now, always professional and always enjoying his work; for the rewards were well………how would he put it “well worth it” ooooh baby…well worth it!

The man of the family he was watching sat outside on the porch in a large wooden rocker it was now 23:15 when he was joined by a woman carrying two large wine glasses; they sat together talking quietly; Cowboy licked his lips she looks hot he smiled to himself in the dark.  Suddenly they were joined by another female this one younger; Cowboy could feel his heart rate increasing; she was young around sixteen or even seventeen oh boy; I’m looking forward to this by the second he was breathing faster now; sweating a little as the blood pumped around his heart, he could even feel a stirring in his pants come to papa!

                           *          *          *          *          *

After they had eaten their barbecue, Diane and Candice tidied everything away while Samson fetched two small logs which he threw on the simmering coals.  Stanley was inside the lounge lighting the fire inside.  Samson stood beside the barbecue and crouching down he blew gently below the logs; the smoke blowing away from him he watched as the ash blew gently away.  Small orange flames grew around the logs, licking them, dancing around them as they jigged up and down; eventually the logs began to catch.  Samson pulled away feeling light headed; he had not said anything earlier but the last two hours he felt a little off the weather.  He went and sat down on a chair; he was feeling hot now; a strange hotness yet he began to shiver from the cold, he swallowed several times as he swept his hand along his forehead.
         ‘Are you ok?’  Candice asked as she watched his demeanour.
Samson shook his head ‘I feel weak; hot and cold and sick’ he whispered, feeling sorry for himself.
‘Mom Samson doesn’t feel too good’ Candice shouted toward the cabin.
The last of the sun had now disappeared over the hill when Dianne came out onto the porch, she strode over to where Samson was sat and placed her hand on his now hot forehead ‘do you feel cold and weak?’
Samson nodded gingerly ‘yes Mom, what is it?’
‘I think you’ve got a touch of sunstroke, did you wear your hat when you went out with your Father this afternoon?’
Samson shook his head slowly, weakly ‘no Mom!’
Dianne stood up and breathed out heavily through her nose ‘your Father should know better; we’ll fill you full of aspirin and get you into bed; hopefully you’ll feel better in the morning?’
Stanley came outside ‘fire’s going strong in the living room’ he looked over to Dianne and could see by the look on her face that, that something was wrong ‘what’s going on?’ he asked innocently.
‘Your sons got sunstroke; somebody took him out this afternoon and didn’t think to make him wear his hat!’
Stanley looked down at Samson’s sorrowful face ‘oh I’m sorry son; I didn’t think; are you ok my boy?’
Samson nodded gingerly ‘I feel tired I think I’m going to go to bed!’

Once Samson was tucked up in bed Stanley went and sat on the rocker on the porch; he held a glass of wine as the swing gently rolled forwards and backwards.  Darkness was all around as he relaxed in the pleasant environment; eventually Dianne joined him on the porch ‘he’s fast asleep now.’
‘That’s good; I feel stupid I didn’t think about making him wear a hat he was enjoying himself so much.’
‘Or maybe it was you that was enjoying yourself so much?  Anyway the damage is done we’ll see how he is tomorrow!’
Stanley put his arm around his wife ‘he’ll be alright after a good day’s rest you’ll see.  And next time we go exploring I’ll make sure he wears a damn hat.’
‘You’d better Mr Baker!’
The door opened as Candice walked out onto the porch ‘I’m going to bed as well now; I’m shattered that walk this morning really done me in’ she walked over to her parents and gave them both a kiss on the cheek.

They both sat huddled together on the porch, the star studded sky twinkled above them as the moon now full lit up the cabin and its grounds, both of them unaware of the watching eyes.  Eventually Stanley and Diane left the porch and went and relaxed in the warm lounge; settling down on the couch in front of the log fire, where they lay for the last forty five minutes of the day before they retired to their bedroom.

                           *          *          *          *          *

       It had all gone quiet now in the log cabin, Cowboy pulled his night vision goggles from out of his small backpack and switched them on; slowly he scanned the area around the cabin.  The goggles picked up the odd creature but nothing bigger than a rabbit; he took off the goggles and pulling back his sleeve he glared hard at his digital watch, he pressed the light ’23:55’.  He leant against the tree five more minutes and I’ll radio in he smiled in the dark tell the boys the good news; two women and one barely out of childhood Cowboy licked his lips.  He waited until 24:00 hours before he radioed in ‘Delta two this is Delta one; come in over’ he waited for three seconds.
The reply cackled in his ear ‘Delta one; we have you right on time, is everything “A” ok over there?’
‘Oh baby everything is cool, we got two females one youngish late teens and the other around forty years old; we got one male around forty, no pets.  They’ve all gone to bed so I’ll give them a while to get to sleep before I check around the cabin.’
‘Delta one; I have just been asked if there’s a boy; do you copy that?  There…..should……..a…..boy’ he slowed the last bit ‘Delta three said “check the cabin over” we need to know!..........I repeat we need to know?’
Cowboy frowned in the darkness ‘copy that Delta two; I’ll do my rounds before I retire; Delta one out!’  Cowboy looked toward the cabin I definitely haven’t seen no boy and I’ve been here four hours now he sighed quietly ‘well lets do the rounds before I retire for the night; I can feel some good dreams waiting for me’ he whispered to himself.  Slowly he got to his feet, stretching out his muscles.  He picked up the night vision goggles again and then stealthily he made his way to the log cabin, leaving his gear behind.  He moved silently like a professional; a prowler yeah that’s me; a prowler as he stepped silently onto the porch.  Having watched the family earlier he knew that the boards didn’t creak, he skirted around the building checking in each of the windows as he went.  He started with the living room and the kitchen then the bathroom each time he had put on the goggles as he looked through the windows; there was no sign of life.  Next he came to a bedroom window; silently and without any hesitation he looked in, the goggles told him there were two people a man and a woman; they were huddled together you’ve got it coming he smiled as he left them and moved onto the next window.

                           *          *          *          *          *

Samson lay on top of his bedclothes sweating; his eyes opened; he had been in a deep sleep, a sleep so deep he had not even moved; just lay exactly where he had fallen on top of his bed.  His hand felt across his brow, it was still wet and yet he was starting to feel cold again; even though he felt cold the cabin felt muggy almost claustrophobic.  I need a drink he swung his weary legs from the bed and quietly he made his way to the bedroom door; opening the door he walked into the hall.  He breathed out as he used the wall for support after several breaths he walked passed his parents’ bedroom and then the bathroom as he made his way into the kitchen where he proceeded to pour himself a glass of cold water from the drinks dispenser on the front of the large fridge freezer.  The cold water soothed him as he swallowed it down, Samson stood still while he breathed in and out, he felt terrible his whole body ached I’d better get back to bed!

                           *          *          *          *          *

Cowboy approached the next room more slowly; his boots made no sound on the wooden planks, he was clearly an expert at the art of stealth.  Once he reached the window he glanced into the room quickly; pulling his head back it’s empty he moved to peer in; nodding to himself he put on the night vision goggles and looked around the room; there was no sign of life.  Right onto the next he passed this window and followed with the same technique; this time though he lingered a little longer.  She was lying on her side, the covers pulled off, her short nightie rode high up her thigh; he could make out the contour of her breast; he could feel himself becoming aroused I’m getting hard baby.  He pulled down the goggles, now she looked different he could see her life form.  He did not realise that his hand was now down his pants as he touched and felt himself gently rubbing oh you’ll feel me soon enough he swallowed hard; he was sweating again.  Suddenly she moved her hand up her thigh and under her short nightie as she scratched her stomach; he watched the action; he could see her panties and her long nails.  He eventually snapped out of the spell you’ve got to focus, your fun will come and he knew it would, it always did, life with the Mexican was tough, he was a hard man to work for….but the rewards oh the rewards they’re worth all the heartache, all the pain!

                           *          *          *          *          *

Samson came from the kitchen and went into the bathroom where he sat down on the toilet to pee; he did not have the energy to stand.  Once he had finished he went back into his bedroom and pulling back the covers he climbed inside.  It did not take him long, as soon as his head it the pillow Samson was back into a deep sleep; his body shivering and sweating at the same time.  He was totally unaware that only sixty seconds earlier there had been somebody looking through his window into his room, totally unaware that that same person had now moved onto his sisters room, silence was the only sound around the cabin until Samson’s heavy breathing took over in his room.

                           *          *          *          *          *

Cowboy had now circled the cabin and was now looking back into the kitchen and living room area his night vision goggles telling him that the room was still empty.  Ok I’ll inform the boys there are definitely only three occupants! Stealthily he made his way back into the undergrowth; back to the place where he had stashed his equipment.  He was already getting exited at the prospects of what would be coming; all his thoughts were now on the girl, Cowboy liked girls the other two can have the older woman but I’m having the girl he licked his lips as he slid down the tree onto his bum; his back now leaning against the base of the tree, he closed his eyes I’m coming baby!

                           *          *          *          *          *

It was 10.0am in the morning and Dianne was making breakfast in the kitchen as Stanley walked up behind her putting his hands around her waist he kissed her softly on the nape of her neck ‘morning darling’ he whispered into her ear.
‘Morning honey; I’m just doing eggs and bacon do you want to see how Samson is; see if he fancies any breakfast?’
‘Yes maaaam’ Stanley left the kitchen and walked down the hall until he came to the bedroom door where Samson was sleeping.  He knocked lightly on the door then entered ‘morning son how are you feeling today?’
‘Not too good Dad’ his brow was wet and his skin pale.
‘Do you want to try and have some breakfast?’
Samson shook his head slowly ‘maybe later Dad but not now, is that ok?’
Stanley stroked Samson’s wet hair ‘of course it’s ok’ he felt guilty if it wasn’t for me he’d be ok, next time I’ll make sure he’s all covered up! 

One hour later Stanley, Dianne and Candice were sat outside drinking orange juice; the sun glared down on them, the umbrella above the table trying its level best to keep out the hot rays of the sun, but judging by their brows the umbrella was not really working.  The heat today was unbearable, already the ice cubes in their glasses were nearly gone and the drinks had only been poured several minutes ago.

                           *          *          *          *          *

Cowboy watched the family eating breakfast; he had already eaten long before they had woken up; he had also been in constant contact with his two compatriots.  Now though he watched the girl as she drank her orange juice; he could feel himself becoming aroused again when was the last time we had the chance to work on a whole family?  He could not remember but even so that never stopped him going out and looking for some young felines to dabble with.  Cowboy was careful when he picked them up; he always made sure they were the homeless ones; he could act really caring at times; he gave them a shower and food.  Smiling to himself now yep I’m a caring kinda guy then he gave them what he craved and that was not a shower and food!  It did not matter what they wanted they always had what he wanted to give them oh boy they always had it.  Some of them lived and some of them died; the ones that lived probably wished that they had died but he did not care, so long as he had his release, anyway what was wrong with having a few nightmares for the rest of your life; he sniggered.  Jesus if it was a choice between me and the boss they’d all choose me; at least I’m nice to them......... a little!
His thoughts turned to the boy; the information pack that the boss had read had said that there was a boy in the family; but he had checked everywhere and had not seen any sign of a fourth party perhaps the Intel was wrong? Well we can’t ask the dude who gave us the Intel the boss did him in on Calcone’s orders.  The family had eaten breakfast with only three settings maybe the boy stayed with relatives whatever; all Cowboy cared about was what he would do to the girl later in the evening, he licked his lips at the thought; nodding to himself she’s gonna have it big time! 

Cowboy had been watching the cabin for hours when the girl got up from her chair; she had been listening to music through her earphones.  She had taken her earphones off now, putting them on the table; he watched eagerly as she stretched her arms up into the air, the action making her top ride up her stomach.  He could see her abdomen and the contours of her hips; his breathing was becoming heavy again; she walked from the porch and toward the undergrowth; toward him fuck man she’s coming for it now!
She was walking straight toward his hiding place as though she were coming to get what he had in store for her just like in his dreams.  He was panting a little now; she was coming for it now she wants it now; she wants me his heart rate was now increasing, the blood pumping through his veins man my cock’s rock hard!  The girl was now only five feet away from him she was singing her voice sweet; Cowboy knew that that voice would be begging him to stop later and I won’t stop, I’ll carry on and on; I’ll make sure I give it to her… I’ll fill her with my cock and I’ll fill her with my cum, that girl’s gonna have it!  A bead of sweat rolled from his temple as his chest breathed in and out.  He could smell her perfume almost taste her innocence today she’ll learn all about life; if she’s lucky enough to live then the nightmares she’ll endure will go down in history! Cowboy had never felt the wanting like this before; he wanted to just grab her now and pull her into the undergrowth; give her what she wanted, for he knew she wanted it; wanted him! If the family tried to stop him he’d kill them all one by one after all that’s why we’re here! 
She was close now, a little voice in his head told him not to grab her the boss wouldn’t like that; and if you piss the boss off you’re in deep shit! Eventually she walked bye; she passed his hiding place, passed his heavy breathing and right on passed his hard waiting cock!  His breathing began to become more normal as he regained his composure; it was nearly time for him to head back to the base camp don’t worry sweet I’ll be back I promise!

                           *          *          *          *          *

It was mid afternoon when Samson finally rose from his bed; he was feeling much better after the rest.  He walked out onto the porch, his father was sitting on the swinging hammock while his mother and Candice were both sunbathing on the loungers ‘morning everyone’ he raised his hand.
Stanley smiled ‘oh he’s back with us……you mean afternoon; how are you feeling son?’ he asked clearly concerned, concerned and guilty.
Samson nodded ‘much better now; thanks Dad’ he sat down at the table; there were some biscuits in the middle he took two and slowly ate them under the protection of the umbrella; or more like part protection of the umbrella, as the sun bore down on the cabin and the surrounding terrain. 

The rest of the day Samson sat in the shade he was disappointed that he had missed a whole day of exploration although in his mind he had already conjured up a plan.  Later that night when everyone else in the cabin were asleep he would sneak out and spend a few hours under the stars maybe before they were asleep; either way he would wait until they had all gone to bed.  Nodding to himself, happy with this idea, Samson smiled fantastic plan he could even fill his rucksack up with goodies and have a midnight feast under the night sky.  Samson smiled to himself that will make up for today, I can’t believe I’ve missed a whole day he was ready for adventure and how great would that be to spend the night outside the cabin it’ll be perfect.  The more he thought about the idea the more contented he became; eventually he convinced himself to start loading his rucksack discreetly and now was as good a time as any, while the others were all outside relaxing ‘I’m going to make myself a drink anybody want anything while I’m up?’ No one answered, they all seemed to be asleep good they’re all ok leaving his sleeping family behind he walked into the cabin.

Killdeer Mountain; North Dakota 15:45pm local time: 

A man walked alone, an old man, he was Indian, a native American Indian, the track he followed was beaten, through hundreds and maybe thousands of years of constant use; although nowadays visitors to this area were few and far between.  His features were old and weathered; to look at his aged face anyone who did not know him would put him in the eighty or ninety year bracket.  The old Indian man walked slowly, his clothes hung loosely from him; around his shoulder hanging down on his thigh he carried a large tan coloured leather pouch with tassels hanging from it.  It matched the tan coloured buffalo hide trousers he wore.  His hair was grey and long; sweeping down around his shoulders.  An eagle flew high above; the aged man looked up and smiled sadly as the eagle gave out its call; it was a Harris Hawk circling at a great height; the bird was almost following the old man as he made his trek up the mountain side, a trek made by his ancestors and their ancestors.  But now his journey had a more purposeful meaning, he tried to force a smile, but none would come only sadness was etched in his face and fear welled below the surface.  All his life he had waited for this, waited for the “call” and now the call had come he was old and frail, his body no longer had the energy for the fight, but the old man had no intention of letting down his tribe or what was left it.  He would not let down his ancestors; if it were to be his time to die, if now were his time to join them, to join his ancestors, he would show no fear for they were with him on this quest; they were always with him, they would help him and guide him.  Still the fear built up inside him just below the surface; the night would be long, long and dangerous!
The sun burned down but the old man carried on regardless; his pace slow and laboured; he had seen the signs over the last 24 hours, he had to keep going.  The ancients had passed down the secrets from generation to generation, a wise old man once told him that the day would come when he would have to battle evil; but he was young back then, it must have been early twenties.  He had been made chief ten years later it now seemed such a long time ago and now at seventy albeit a very fit seventy he could still feel the years beginning to take their toll.  The time would soon be upon him to pass over the mantle; to keep the traditions alive; pass on the knowledge to someone younger yes it maybe closer than I ever imagined?  He nodded his head as he looked up toward the circling Hawk so long as its not too late to pass on the knowledge he stopped walking; his mind deep in thought the ancients will not let it be too late; they are always with me he smiled sadly as he began walking again.   

The trek continued and the Hawk still circled high above as the old man walked higher and higher; his thoughts were always on what lay ahead when the battle would be between good and evil; the battle he had prepared for all his life; the battle they had prepared him for will I have the strength when it matters?  He stopped for a few minutes; turning, he gazed out from his high vantage point; he stared as far as his eye could see ‘there is evil growing Cetanwakuwa’ he whispered to himself, the Hawk flew down into the trees to his left.  The old man and the Hawk stared at each other from their short distance apart; the old man nodded and turning he carried on walking up the mountain ‘evil is upon us my friend!’ His face was grim and pained.
       His legs ached, he had not walked this path for several months and now here he was, tired and old and walking it for what could possibly be the last ever time no, not yet, there is too much work to do!

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