Friday, 20 September 2013

'Samson' a new and original horror story..........The Blurb



Throughout time there has been a battle between good and evil, powers that cannot be explained, both dark and light, people who worship the Devil and people who worship God……and there are some who worship powers that have been around since the beginning of time!!!!

When Samson Baker witnesses the brutal rape and killing of his entire family, he alone has seen their faces, he can describe them, he can point them out.  Samson does the only thing he can, he runs for his life, he runs as if the dogs of the Devil himself are chasing him………for they ARE!!

Afraid and alone Samson flees through the Rocky Mountains, a vast wilderness where one can travel for days without any sign of human life, so vast no-one can hear your screams.  They pursue their lone prey relentlessly, an incomprehensible evil, except Samson is not alone anymore………………

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