Saturday, 25 February 2012

Why we write?

What can be better than to write something and you know you're pleased with the end product but then to have someone say 'hey....that was superb, I really enjoyed it!' 

I love writing, and all sorts of writing from poetry to stories both short and long.  To have people read what we write and appreciate what our imaginations have come up with; well that's the ultimate accolade and if people don't enjoy what we write they are entitled to their opinion.....but we'll continue doing what we do and that's writing.  Good old fashioned writing, without the writer there are no books, there are no TV programmes, movies, newspapers or poems!!

Pretty important aren't we.......and we'll keep producing our craft, we'll get rejections, but we won't stop we'll carry on with idea after idea, because that's what we do, putting our thoughts into words. 

We write because we enjoy it and we want others to read what we write and we want them to enjoy our every word, sometimes we fail and sometimes we don't and each time we get a good response from our words, well that makes it all worthwhile.......oh and thanks God for editors, cause we all make mistakes!!!!

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