Monday, 6 February 2012

The Semiotic Networks

What would you do???
You wake up at the scene of your own accident, everyone has disappeared, you're alone, you're afraid!! You search for your family, friends, neighbours, anybody; but the whole world is empty, abandoned cars line deserted streets, shopping bags and rubbish litter the towns and cities, but still you search!!
Then one day you see a man; a bald man looking, searching; searching for what? You call out to him "hey you there" his head snaps round to face the source of the sound; to face you, he begins to sprint toward you, faster and faster, his speed unlike anything you have ever seen and that little voice inside starts saying this isn't right. At that moment you do the only thing you can? You RUN for your life! Get ready for the nightmare of the semiotic networks, get ready to disable bluetooth!

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