Saturday, 11 February 2012

Chapter 5 'The Bald Men'

Peters had almost got back to the car.  It was parked about two hundred metres away, exactly where he had left it earlier.  He blew out his cheeks before he stopped to see where he had travelled from; turning, he looked into the distance, realising the mileage he had covered.  As his eyes scanned the horizon a movement caught his attention out of the corner of his eye.  There's a man!  He was around twelve hundred metres away but there, right in front of his eyes, was a man; most definitely it was a man!  He wasn't facing Peters; he was walking the other way.  He had a strange walk, almost chimpanzee like, slightly crouched, his clothes tattered, his head bald.  The man looked as though he was searching for something.  Peters watched the man for a minute, pondering what he should do shall I call him?  he asked himself.
   "Hello" Peters shouted.

The bald man stopped suddenly.  His body straightened upright, his senses alert, his head turning left and right, looking up, down and all around.  He leant his head to one side, listening, looking around for the source, wondering to himself if his own mind had been playing tricks after all the searching he had been doing.  Did I hear a sound, a voice, a human voice?
   "Hello! You there!" Peters shouted loudly.  The bald man snapped his around to look directly at Peters.  "Yes, you! Hello!"  Peters waved his arm above his head, watching as the bald man let out some kind of howl, then it made a loud Cak.....cak, cak sound.  The first thought that came into Peters head was of the dreams he had endured over the past few nights; he had heard that exact same sound!

OUT NOW.....The Semiotic Networks
Get ready for the nightmare of the semiotic networks, get ready to disable bluetooth!!

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