Sunday, 4 March 2012

Why the idea?

Why the idea, where did it come from?
The idea for The Semiotic Networks came several years ago when I was putting the Christmas lights up around our house!  I'm scared of heights and had this idea about a man falling from a ladder where he then ends up in a coma, while in a coma he wakes up in a parallel world?

How can this happen?
I've always wondered why they have the signs in hospitals about turning off your mobile phone?  Why?  What does the simple mobile phone do to hospital equipment?  Enter the idea about bluetooth affecting the life support machines, causing the patients to wake in a parallel world?

What happens in this parallel world?
The victims are alone and afraid each of them waking at the scene of their own accident to find everyone has disappeared.  They search for signs of life but the world is empty.....until they find The Semiotic Networks; a hidden channel on their TV set, here they can find other victims like them and communicate!

Is it safe in The Semiotic Networks?
Noooooooooo cue 'The Bald Men' they are people who have died in the world of the semiotic networks, forever trapped to hunt the living!  Very nasty people!

What should we do?
Next time you go to hospital switch off your mobile phone! 

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