Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers Day Poem

We all have a Mom and I hope that everyone who reads this blog understands the words I write as they come from my heart, my Mom passed away when I was seventeen; she was blind, deaf and in the end could not walk.  But she loved me, her only son with all her heart, when she touched my face throughout my teenage years, her touch was gentle, loving and proud.  Looking back, perhaps I was never the best son, but I tried.  I tried to deal with things through the years and now I'm in my forties perhaps as the years have gone on I've become a better person, if she were here now would be proud?  I hope so.........


Mom, Mom; where have you gone,

You left me behind your only son.

I was seventeen when you left me that day,

The tears and the heartache, still have a say!

I know you’d be proud of my family and life,

But I miss you so much, it still cuts like a knife.

So clever, so loving, so gentle and brave,

True for your life from cradle to grave!

For all the things I did wrong in my youth,

I apologise sincerely, my words speak the truth.

Maybe one day I’ll see you and say it true,

Mom, Mom; I love you….X


Dean Horton


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